The Special Challenges of
Parenting Twins & More
Loss, Prematurity and Special Needs

Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
This page lists organizations, print & website resources that may be
helpful for parents facing the challenges of raising multiples, working
through loss of one or more multiples, or raising one or more
premature or special needs child(ren). Recommendations for
pamphlets, articles, grief information and book lists from a variety of
sources are listed here. Others are available upon request. I am
grateful to the many people who have brought these fine resources to
my attention, and am always happy to add more. As always, I cannot
vouch for the quality, appropriateness or availability of resources from
any of the sites or organizations listed here.  They are provided for
parents who want to embark on a search for support or information
but are having trouble finding appropriate help.

In Illinois, a good source of support for parents of multiples is
Illinois Mothers of Twins Clubs. For loss support in the Chicago area,
I help coordinate
Bramble, a local support network for parents who
are raising surviving multiples. For details on the in-person or e-mail
network (limited to Chicagoland parents), please e-mail me at

In addition to compiling the resources on this page, I have written
articles for parents and professionals and given talks on
multiple birth, prematurity, NICU experiences and bereavement.
My  most comprehensive article for parents,
Multiple Birth Loss,  was
first published at The Preemie Place.
Please check my articles web
page for the following articles:

Raising special needs multiples

Adolescence: multiple madness? (For parents raising teen multiples)

Roadmap for grief after loss of a multiple-birth child (one or more)

Articles from Twinsworld on parenting a twinless child and on loss of
both twins.

Book list for children & teens on special needs and bereavement in
twins (mainly fiction with these themes).

Bereavement and special needs: How mothers of multiples clubs
can help--copy of handout from  breakout session, July, 1999
annual convention of the National Mothers of Twins Clubs.

Special Babies, Bereavement and Burnout: Tips for parents and
professionals facing perinatal challenges. CEU presentation for
nurses given at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL, January, 2000.

Mourning Multiplied: presentation from 12th National Perinatal
Bereavement Conference, Cincinnati, OH Sept. 23, 2000.

March of Dimes presentation on multiple birth loss, 2005

NAPSW presentation on multiple birth loss, 2006

Poems at my
poetry page: Bittersweet Birth, Footprints, Twin Math,
Cosmic Reflections, Shadow Dancer, Cemetery Birthday, Seeds.

Female Patient journal ( published a
2-part article I coauthored with Dr. Michelle Smith-Levitin on
Bereavement in Multiple Birth. Click for: Part 1 Part 2 They are very
useful for professionals who are trying to meet the needs of acutely
bereaved parents. Another article with similar focus is available in
Seminars in Neonatology.

Journal of Perinatology has published two of my articles, that
summarize a survey of 70 bereaved parents of multiples The
January 2004 article discusses decision-making and desired
experiences at the end of life. The
November 2004 article discusses
parent preferences for psychological and grief  support, disposition
for deceased children, and discharge planning, plus their views of
interactions with professionals and any challenges they had
attaching to surviving children.  Please contact me at
for copies of these or other published articles.

I would appreciate learning of updates, corrections, and additional
resources that are helpful to parents facing these challenges. My
sympathy and prayers go out to all families who cope with the special
and often overwhelming situations that accompany a multiple birth.

Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
family physician and mom to David and twins Jared (33 week
preemie special needs survivor) and Bryan (deceased from cord
accident the day before delivery in February 1997)

Sidelines National Support Network
P.O. Box 1808
Laguna Beach, CA 92652
FAX 949-497-5598
Web site:
see also St. Joseph's Women's Hospital next section::

Ruben Quintero, M.D.
Mary Allen, R.N., C.N.O.R.
Fetal Therapy Department
St. Joseph's Women's Hospital
3030 W. MLK Boulevard.
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-872-3982
            888-FETAL77 toll free
FAX:      813-872-3794
Web site: (website not working 4/06)

International Institute for the Treatment of Twin to Twin Transfusion
Syndrome (Dr. Julian DeLia)
Milwaukee, WI

Monoamniotic Monochorionic Support Group
Web site:

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation
National Office
411 Longbeach Parkway
Bay Village, Ohio 44140
Voice: (440) 899-TTTS or 1-800-815-9211
Web site:

Twin Hope, Inc.
2592 West 14th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 228-TTTS (8887)
Web site:

Australian Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Support Group

Australian Twin to Twin  Transfusion Syndrome Awareness

UK TTTS Syndrome Association

Conjoined Twins International
Will L. Degeraty
P.O. Box 10895
Prescott, AZ 86304
Web site:


National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.
Web site:

The Triplet Connection
P.O. Box 429
Spring City, UT 84662
435-851-1105 phone
435-462-7466 fax
Web site:
Janet Bleyl, President

Mothers of Supertwins (MOST)
P.O. Box 306
East Islip, NY 11717
631-859-1110 phone
631-859-3580 FAX
Web site:
Maureen Boyle, Founder

Multiples Births Canada (formerly POMBA, also includes former TQQ
P.O. Box 432
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Canada L9Z 1A4
705-429-0901 Phone
705-429-9809 FAX
Web site:
E-Mail for high-order network:

P.O. Box 381164
Birmingham, AL 35238
205-437-3575 Phone
205-437-3574 FAX
Web site:

Support for fathers of high-order multiples in U.S. and other countries

Twin Services
P.O. Box 10066
Berkeley, CA 94709
510-524-0863 (message machine)
Web site:
Patricia Malmstrom

The Twins Foundation
PO Box 6043
Providence, RI 02940-6043
Web site

Multiple Births Foundation
Level 4 Hammersmith House
Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital
DuCane Road
London, England W12 0HS
Phone (44) 020 383 3519
FAX (44) 020 1383 3041
Web site:

TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Foundation)

Australian Multiple Birth Association
P.O. Box 105
Coogee NSW 2034
Web site:

New Zealand Multiple Births Assoc.

Education issues for multiples including special needs
Input by Dr. David Hay and Pat Preedy, longstanding
researchers of and advocates for sound educational
strategies for multiples

Multiple Birth Resources LLC (
Prenatal education videos, articles and classes for parents expecting
multiples--developed by a mother of 2 sets of twins in Colorado.

Multiple Births Lynda Haddon's site on education and

ORGANIZACIONES EN ESPANOL Organizacion de soporte en Argentina

Asociacion de padres de parto multiple en Castilla la Mancha

Asociacion catalana de padrs con hijos de un parto multiple en Mexico

Marvelous Multiples--informacion en espanol

Jumeaux-a-plus--informacion en espanol sobre una organizacion

Cyberpadres--enlazca Vd. a otros sitios de Web para padres de
gemelos, mellizos, trillizos y mas de multiple

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc. (CLIMB, Inc.)
P.O. Box 91377
Anchorage AK 99509
907- 222-5321
Web site
Founder: Jean Kollantai
Loss of Multiples Support Network
Lynda Haddon, Chair
Multiple Births Canada (formerly POMBA)
P.O. Box 432
Wasaga Beach, Ontario L0L 2P0
866-228-8824 (toll free phone)
Telephone: 705-429-0901
Fax: 705-429-9809
Web site
Worldwide Bereavement support resources compiled by Lynda

More bereavement addresses from Lynda Haddon
Note: my list may be more up-to-date than Lynda's. If there are
differences, refer to the address on my site.
Multiple Birth Association--Bereavement Support Group (M-BABS)
P.O. Box 105
Coogee NSW 2034
(03) 9527 7144 phone
(03) 9527 2537 FAX
Web site

Twinless Twins International
P.O. Box 980481
Ypsilanti, MI 48198-0481
1-888-205-8962 toll free phone
Web site
Founder: Raymond Brandt, Ph.D., Ed.D. (deceased June of 2001.)
The organization addresses the needs of adolescent and adult
bereaved twins/multiples, and families of bereaved multiples

SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc.
Catherine A. Lammert, R.N.
National SHARE Office
St. Joseph Health Center
300 First Capitol Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301-2893
1-800-821-6819 or (636) 947-6164
Web site:
Bereavement Services
Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation
1900 South Avenue, ALEX
LaCrosse, WI 54601
(608) 791-4747
Web site:
The Compassionate Friends
National Headquarters
P.O. Box 3696
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3696
(630) 990-0010
Web site

Perinatal Loss/Griefwatch
2116 NE 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212
Web site
Centering Corporation
1531 N. Saddle Creek Road
Omaha, NE 68104
(402) 553-1200
Web site

RESOLVE National Infertility Association
1310 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02114
(617) 623-0744
Web site

National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children
100 East Eighth Street, Suite B-41
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(888) 818-POMC Toll Free, or (513) 721-5683 phone
(513) 345-4489 FAX
Web site

Addresses to remove name from infant product mailing lists:
Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Direct Marketing Association
Mail Reference Service
6 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017
Phone 212-689-4977

Gerber Baby Products
445 State Street
Fremont, MI 49413
Phone 616-928-200


PROFESSIONALLY ORIENTED on General Aspects of Multiple Birth
or bereavement

Twin and Triplet Psychology, Audrey C.Sandbank, Routledge,
London, 1999. Aimed at professionals but also of interest to parents,
discusses parent reactions to the diagnosis of multiples and raising
multiples, intrauterine behavior, relationships between twins and
triplets from pre-birth through adulthood, bereavement, special
needs multiples, adolescence and more.

Multiple Pregnancy: Epidemiology, Gestation & Perinatal Outcome,
Keith, Louis G., Emile Papiernik, Donald M. Keith and Barbara Luke,
Parthenon, 1995. 2nd edition, completely revised by Isaac Blickstein
and Louis Keith, was  published March, 2005..

Guidelines for Professionals: Multiple Pregnancy. Elizabeth Bryan
M.D., Jane Denton RGN RM, Faith Hallett. Multiple Births Foundation,
England. Excellent pamphlet with overview of medical and
psychosocial aspects of multiple pregnancy and delivery, includes
discussion of bereavement, higher order multiples, attention to older
siblings of multiples.

Chapter 16 Multifetal Pregnancies: Epidemiology, Clinical
Characteristics, and Management, in: Medicine Of The Fetus And
Mother. Reece, E Albert and John C. Hobbins, eds. Lippincott-Raven
Publishers, 1998, Up-to-date review of multiple pregnancy from
conception to delivery, prevention & management of complications.
Update in process 2005.

The Twin Care Handout Collection, from Twin Services, available for
reproduction by health and social service programs. The collection of
38 handouts covers key multiple birth issues from prevention of
preterm birth to breast feeding to school placement. Selected titles
may be viewed and an order form may be downloaded at

Guidelines for Professionals: Bereavement. Elizabeth Bryan, M.D.
and Faith Hallett. Multiple Births Foundation, England. Excellent
overview of multiple birth bereavement from prenatal through
childhood, with some discussion of approach to the surviving twin.

Loss During Pregnancy or in the Newborn Period, edited by James
R. Woods, Jr. M.D. and Jenifer Esposito Woods, MBA, Jannetti
Publications, 1997. Insightful & complete review for medical &
counseling professionals on all aspects of pregnancy & infant loss.

When a baby dies: a handbook for healing and helping, Rana K.
Limbo and Sara Rich Wheeler. Bereavement Services, LaCrosse WI,
1998. Sensitive handbook details management of any type of fetal or
perinatal loss. Chapter 7 covers multiple pregnancy loss, and other
chapters cover physician, funeral director, clergy roles.

After Loss: Parenting in the next pregnancy, Joanne O'Leary, Lynnda
Parker, Clare Thorwick, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis,
MN, 1998. Discusses theory and practical assistance for the
psychological hurdles faced by parents in subsequent pregnancy.
One chapter discusses loss in multifetal pregnancy and methods of
helping parents through a pregnancy in which one or more children
died in utero. Includes birth plans.

FOR PARENTS OR PROFESSIONALS, General Info on Multiples:

Twins, Triplets and More, Elizabeth M. Bryan, St. Martin's Press, New
York, 1992. Chapters 11 and 12 deal with loss of a twin. Dr. Bryan, a
British pediatrician, is well-known for her dedication to multiple-birth

Raising Twins : What Parent Want to Know (And What Twins Want to
Tell Them) by Eileen M. Pearlman and Jill Alison Ganon, 2000.
Excellent book on raising twins from birth through adolescence,
written by a psychologist who herself is a twin. Includes an excellent
chapter on death of a twin in childhood.

The Art of Parenting Twins--the Unique Joys and Challenges of
Rearing Twins and Other Multiples, Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom and
Janet Poland, Ballantine Publishing Group, July 1999.
Comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers, covers special
health concerns and the mental, physical and social development of
multiples from conception to adulthood. Chapter on crises sensitively
addresses the difficulties of twin disability and twin loss. Includes
information and strategies for finding community resources.

Entwined Lives : Twins and What They Tell Us About Human
Behavior , Nancy L. Segal, E P Dutton, 1999. Fascinating research on
twinning, including twin types, personality, development, behavior
and relationships in twins; twins reared apart; twin loss; conjoined
twins; fertility treatments; famous twins, and legal issues involving

RESOLVE Multiple Gestation Information
. Click here to view

Multiple Birth Bereavement Information Packet, Multiple Births
Canada (see address above). Lynda Haddon has also made
available many of th
e excellent information sheets, online at her
Multiple Births Families site. The packet also includes pamphlets,
resource and book lists for parents grieving loss at any time in
pregnancy or childhood, and for those who wish to help them through
their grief.

Loss packets for loss of one or loss of all multiples available through
TTTS Foundation. Excellent advice for bereaved parents helps them
understand and work through their grief. Loss packets are also
available from March of Dimes, NOMOTC, the Triplet Connection and
MOST, and include many resources helpful for grieving  families.

The Dilemma Within A Miracle, Tal Rapaport, Psy.D., 2001. Excellent,
hopeful yet realistic pamphlet of the medical and psychological
aspects of multifetal pregnancy reduction. Approaches the topic
through multicultural case vignettes of three couples. Recommended
for parents who need to consider this procedure, or for anyone
wondering about the parent's viewpoint of the procedure. Contact the
author, Dr. Tal Rapaport, at 5843 Wish Ave., Encino, CA 91316,
818-708-8199, e-mail

Embracing Laura, Martha Wegner-Hay, 1998. Available through
Centering Corporation, 1531 Saddle Creek Rd., Omaha NE 68104
402-553-1200. Pamphlet on a family's grief process after death at 15
weeks of a twin with lethal anomalies. Includes parent & sibling grief,
support during pregnancy, delivery, after delivery, creating memories
of lost twin.

The Special Brother, Judy Kidder, Reivers Press, San Diego, CA,
1999. Available for $3.50 plus $1 shipping and handling through:
Judy Kidder, 352 Kinsey Ave., East Liverpool, OH 43920, phone
330-385-8896. Booklet for young children, from the viewpoint of a
3-year-old boy whose infant twin brother died at age 4 months after
heart surgery. Photos include older brother holding the twins, twins
together, parents, extended family, and a photo of surviving family
members. Good for siblings at the time of loss, and may later help
explain to a surviving twin. Author is grandmother of the twins.

Always my Twin, Valerie R. Samuels, illustrated by Najah Clemmons.
This lavishly illustrated children's book explains the specialness of
twins, the sadness everyone in the family may feel about the twin
who dies, and positive, healthy ways that families may choose to
remember the deceased twin. Space is provided for a surviving child
to express their own feelings, construct their family tree, and indicate
their special talents and interests. Available through

The Promised Twin, Kjirstin Youngberg. Available at Written by a mother,
member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who lost
one of her twins to SIDS. Recommended by LDS mothers who have
lost a twin, and may be inspirational to others.Good account of the
family's attempts to grieve and adjust to the death of a previously
healthy twin, with the help of faith and friends.

Coming to Term: A Father's Story of Birth, Loss, and Survival, William
H. Woodwell, Jr., Jackson, U of Mississippi Press, 2001. A poignant
story of a couple's first pregnancy with twins, premature birth, early
neonatal death of one twin and the long hospitalization of the survivor
before homecoming. Told from the father's point of view, it chronicles
facts, emotions, decisions and coping through the family's long
ordeal.  With death and mourning for  Nina juxtaposed with worries
for Josie, this book gives an honest, revealing look at one family's
experienced with a mixed outcome from a multiple birth. Ultimately,
the parents become deeply attached to Josie, with a profound
appreciation for how very precious life is.

Parenting your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey.
Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tesler-Stein, Golden, CO: Fulcrum
Publishing, May 2004.  An excellent, sympathetic look at the
emotional aspects of parenting in NICU and beyond. This book's
authors are both sensitive psychologists. One has written sensitive
books about bereavement, the other is the mother of preemie twins.
This collaboration on the journey of premature parenting is
long-awaited and a welcome addition to the more medically-oriented
books on prematurity..

A Different Kind of Mother, Christine Howser,, 2001.
Excellent book discussing the deep grief and depression
experienced by the author after both of her twin sons died within six
days after delivery. She arrives at the conclusion that she is a
"different kind of mother," but still a mother with valid memories and
ongoing feelings for her children. References to other loss literature
and organizations. Available as an e-book and eventually in
paperback. Search on either title or author's name at

William & Wendell: A Family Remembered, Donnali Fifield, Times
Two Publishing Co., San Francisco 2000. Written by a twin whose
twin sons died after premature birth in 1990. The sometimes intense
yet compelling book explores grief for multiple losses (the sons'
deaths followed other personal tragedies, including childhood
abuse, family member's suicide, and father's death). Author criticizes
traditional grief counseling that aims to help people "recover" from
events that permanently change them. Well-written, insightful,
honest, and fresh, this book may be particularly valuable for people
who feel there is no way they can heal from profound tragedies and
are looking for alternative suggestions on how to cope.   Ordering
information and sample chapter can be viewed a

Books by Lynne Schulz:  
The Diary, about going longer after a
mid-trimester twin loss, and
The Survivor, about parenting surviving
multiples. Well-written, supportive and engaging for parents affected
by either or both situations. Lynne is an Australian bereavement
counselor  and wrote The Diary while going longer with her daughter
after the death of her son, Rhys. Information about these books and
others listed on this page available at

Having Twins, Elizabeth Noble, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
1991, updated 2003. Check chapters on loss, and Appendix and
Special Resources on loss. Chapters discuss risks of prenatal
complications and loss, psychological problems possibly
attributable to survivor twin status. Support and information
resources given. This comprehensive book is a valuable resource on
risks of prematurity and how to stay healthy during pregnancy with

Twin Loss, Raymond Brandt, 2001. Available through Twinless
Twins International. Including Dr. Brandt's observations, opinions,
advice and poetry interspersed with letters and comments from
bereaved twins, this book covers a broad range of loss scenarios
from pre-birth through adulthood, with advice on helping the
bereaved twin and family through acute and later grief.

Living Without Your Twin, Betty Jean Case, Tibbutt Publishing, 0438
SW Palatine Hill Rd., Portland, OR 97219 Phone orders:
800-621-5655 (check or money order), 800-356-9315 (Visa, MC,
Discover), FAX 503-977-3689. Adult twin reactions to loss from
diverse causes (including intrauterine or childhood as well as adult
loss or estrangement). Updated with 50 new pages in 2001.

The Lone Twin, Joan Woodward, Free Association Books,
London/NY, 1998. Surveys adult bereaved twin reactions to loss from
all causes, includes some accounts of positive or neutral reactions
and more psychological theory than the book by Betty Jean Case.

Damages, Barry Werth, Simon & Schuster, 1998. This sometimes
disturbing book details the effects of a malpractice suit on the family,
physician, hospital and lawyers involved, by following all of the
participants through the 7-year process. The suit involved the stillbirth
of one twin and serious neurologic damage of his identical twin; suit
was on behalf of the survivor.

Parenthood Lost: Healing the Pain after Stillbirth, Miscarriage and
Infant Death
, Michael R. Berman, M.D., Bergin and Garvey Trade,
Westport CT 2000. Includes poetry, parents' and caregivers' views,
and explanations by obstetricians of common causes for pregnancy
and infant loss
. Link to order book.Â

Dreams and Dilemmas Video for professionals or parents
(recommended group viewing for either situation) Cinema verite
production detailing the experiences of a couple with premature
twins born at the border of viability; one dies at 5 days of age, one is
discharged home after a roller coaster 5 month course in NICU.  
Conversations with parents, caregivers, social workers, clergy, and
grandparents. Study guide for professional education credit, deals
with ethical issues, difficult choices, gender differences in grieving
and coping, parent-professional and inter-professional
communication issues, and more. Highly recommended.

Little Man An incredibly poignant , moving, award-winning
documentary produced by Nicole Conn. This film tells the story of a
preemie who beat all the odds after extremely early birth following a
high-risk pregnancy. Nicole and her life partner, Gwen, had a
daughter together already and chose a surrogate to carry an embryo
for them. Explored in the film are ethical dilemmas associated with
surrogacy, potential termination due to high-risk 2nd trimester
complications, non-intervention choices during a stormy NICU
course, quality of life issues, and the short- and long-term effects of
their son Nicholas's complex medical needs on the parents'
relationship, older sister, high-tech hospital-grade care at home,
essential relationships with nurses and doctors in- and out of
hospital. Although the parents are same-sex partners, the lessons of
this film carry over to all families who struggle with prematurity and
special needs children.  Highly recommended for professionals in
training and experienced professionals who want to know what life is
truly like for their smallest surviving miracle pabies. Available at

Portraits by Dana
Dana is a mother of an intact set of twins who has drawn some
incredibly poignant and cherished portraits for parents who have lost
one or more babies. Working from photos or descriptions, she can
render close likenesses and create cherished mementos. I've seen
her work firsthand and know several satisfied multiple-birth bereaved

SUPPLIES  Preemie clothing, distributed by a mother
entrepreneur with 4 living children, 1 loss during delive
ry. Preemie and burial clothing

announcements, including cards and announcements for multiple
birth losses. Resources section of this web site contains links to
other sites including Perinatal Loss and Grief Resources, which offer
personalized urns or albums, video and audio resources. LePetite
Baby, also available via a link at this site, offers preemie clothing
. Burial layettes (gown,
bonnet, afghan or blanket and as available, Fleece the Beanie Baby)
provided for deceased infants including premies, may be available
on short notice. The general newborns in need site provides premie
clothes for living children in need as wel
l. Perinatal Loss/Griefwatch. Some cards &
announcements can be customized for multiple birth los
s. Centering Corporation offers a variety of family
and professional resources for many types of perinatal loss.  "Death
of an Infant Twin" and "Embracing Laura" are two books available
through them. (see books above.
) Custom Bracelets by Lisa, LLC,
Littleton, CO Mother of fraternal twin boys who has suffered a loss
makes name and memento bracelets in a variety of styles.

Please check also books and items available through Bereavement
Services and SHARE (addresses, web site and phone noted under
general perinatal loss organizations.


1. ELIMBO: Loss in Multiple Birth Outreach
List Administrator: Terry Callaghan, email addre
E-mail Terry for information on the list, a personal welcome, and
subscription information. List welcomes anyone with loss of one or
more, both or all children from a multiple birth at any age. Web page
with LIMBO in
To subscri

2.  Oz-most: Australia mothers of surviving tw

3. LAMBS: Loss of All in Multiple Birth
List Administrator e-mail addre
List is for parents losing all of their multiple birth babies.
To subscri

4. LAMBDads2 "Loss of All in Multiple Birth Dads are deserving of
support too". Dads who have lost both their twins or all higher
multiples are welcome to contact Jonathan

5. TACL (Trying Again after Complete Loss) E-mail loop for parents
trying again after loss of all multiples: contact Donna

6. Preemie-l: for any parent of preemies (includes parents with
preemie singletons, surviving multiples after loss,  or intact sets of
premature multiples. All are welcome)
List owner: Anne Cas
Web page with preemie-l in

7. SNAPS (Special Needs and Preemie Survivors) is a CLIMB
support list for parents with survivors meeting these descriptions.
E-mail Terry Callagh
an, for subscribing

8. Our Kids: e-mail list for parents and caregivers of special needs
children. Go
to for information.

9. Parenting Surviving Multiples: discussion list for parents raising
multiple birth survivors, especially those past infan

10. angeltwinmoms: another discussion list for parents of surviving
multiples, sponsored by the Angel Babies Network.
For i

11. Parenting after infertility: For parents raising children after
infertility, not for discussion of issues related to raising multiples.
To subscr  Please give a short intro
discussing your child(ren), how they were conceived, infertility
diagnosis and any other desired info, then Rachel will add you to the
Moderator: Rachel, E-m

12. Selective (multifetal) reduction support

13.A list for support of parents of high-order multiples with two or
more survivors is available. E-mail
Dr. Pector for specific information.

14. Support lists for infertili

15. Support for TTTS (Australian List)


MULTIPLE BIRTH,  LOSS SPECIFIC : Parents of Multiples Forever: a place to
remember lost multiple birth children and network with other
bereaved parents.

Murraylands Twin Loss Lynne Schultz's site: story of loss of her twin
daughter Megan in utero. Lynne has authored two books, "THe
Survivor" and "The Diary." New Zealand Support network and group
for parents who have had a multiple birth l
oss. A growing support group for couples
diagnosed with monoamniotic twin pregnancies. Includes parents
who have delivered, parents who have lost one or both of their
monoamniotic twins, links to professional support & informat
ion. Hannah's Prayer: Christian Discussion
forums. Read their site to see if you agree to their beliefs and
statement about beginning of life, etc. Not for those who have chosen
selective reduction

: Center for Study of Multiple Birth, maintained
by Dr. Louis Keith. Links to other sites dealing with multiple birth.
Detailed info available on request by e-
mail. offers articles about many key multiple birth
topics, information and web links to multi[ple birth resou
rces. Attractive, supportive site built by
parents of preemie twins, offering useful links and information to
professionals and to parents of special needs multiples.
John Robinson's twin page Both of these have a fairly
comprehensive list of multiple-related links, some overlap between
the two but enough individual differences to make both worth
exploring. Both have some loss-related organizations listed as we

: A Heartbreaking Choice: For parents who
have received prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomalies or disease. List
of support groups for parents facing pregnancy termination/reduction,
many local post-termination support groups and general infant loss
groups. Book & video suggestions. Links to National Organization for
Rare Disorders & other helpful sites.
. Waiting with Love: for parents continuing
pregnancy after diagnosis of a serious fetal anomaly that will likely
result in death. Letters from parents, sample birth plans and
resources. Includes a checklist from CLIMB for expectant parents of
multiples with anomalies to plan for birth and beyond. Resources
section with links to sites related to prematurity, infant
loss/miscarriage, infertility, men's grief, genetic diseases, continuing
pregnancy after diagnosis of a condition with poor prognosis,
pregnancy after loss, SIDS, infertility, and sites selling urns, albums,
cards & vid
eos. Angel Babies Forever Loved, a network
begun by a mother who has lost both a singleton son and a twin son.
Support lists available for a variety of types of loss, and links to other
helpful sites. Comprehensive site affiliated with
SHARE National SIDS Resource Center  SIDS support & information Infertility support and information, access to clinic
success rates & info, multiple birth risks, adoption and other
parenting alternatives, childfree living. Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program.
Useful professional information on stillbirth, including an on-line
professional journal with photos of fetal demise occurring at different
times before delivery, many compassionate articles on handling
stillbirth. Mothers in Sympathy and Support:
excellent website on general perinatal loss issues, with links to other
supportive sites. Excellent professional section for nurses and
caregivers on sensitive handling of stillbirth or pre-viable delive
ries. Home page for Hygeia, a website founded by a Yale
obstetrician with interest in pregnancy and neonatal loss.
Professional resources, on-line professional journal regarding loss
issues, parent sections, poetry. Hygeia Foundation places
Internet-enabled resource centers in medically & economically
underserved communities, NICUs, libraries & women's centers so
families can communicate with each other in real-time, read and
share stories, poetry, hope and learning. Helping After Neonatal Death: Support and
resource information for perinatal infant loss. Brady's Heaven, a
cyber-quilt memorializing lost children. Parents can submit their
child's information to be included in the
quilt. Excellent
curriculum guide on the grief of children and adolescents; useful for
parents, counselors or other adults guiding both surviving and older
siblings through the complex grief proce


Preemie-l Home

March of Dimes

National Perinatal Association Comprehensive
list of links: genetic support groups, rare diseases and anomalies
including trisomies, many premie pages, SIDS, stillbirth and
neonatal death support, complications of prematuri

Neonatal risk calculator based on gestational age Note: the
information in this calculator is based on older data. Talk with a
professional before acting on this information. Tommy's CyberNursery: Highly
recommended site with many links to other premie and
condition-specific sites, support groups, Internet and non-Internet
resources related to prematurity, loss support resources.  New magazine for parents and
professionals who work with preemies. Affiliated with  March of
Dimes. Another new preemie magazine.

Exceptional Parent magazine National Information Center for Children and
Youth with Disabilities. Excellent list of national reso
urces. ERIC, National Clearinghouse on Disabilities and
Gifted Education, home page. Especially check out FAQs and a
comprehensive list of links to other sites associated with disabilities
and special education. ERIC is a federally funded clearinghouse for
information on special ed and gifted ed, and has a large database of
professional information and mate
rials. Resources & support for prematurity,
special needs and adoption. Check out the "Children's Special
Needs Lists of Lists," which gives information on E-mail support lists
for many types of disorders and disabilitie
s. on siblings of special needs kids. This, and other special
needs sites from, offer many practical articles to help
families co
pe. Database of information and support
resources for many rare diseases. SOFT: Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13
and related disorders  

www.fivepminus.orgCri du Chat syndrome support Twin Enterprises. The Bissells, both
registered nurses, had preemie twins at 26 weeks. Their story, links
to other useful sites and support network
s. home page for special needs, mainly noteworthy for
Netlinks to other organizations
.. National Fathers' Network, advocates
for, and provides resources and support to, men whose children
have special health care nee

Dr. Michael T. Hynan's Home Page Psychologist and Father of a
preemie, New home for preemie-child and
lots of links & research. A reading room for preemie parents
arents. on-line resource center
for developmental
issues. The Alexis
Foundation for Premature I
nfants. hosted by a NICU nurse and preemie
mom. Includes an article about helping parents survive the emotional
rollercoaster ride in the NICU.
NICU. Human Milk Banking Association of North
America, Inc. Includes donor criteria and locations of milk banks in
North America. Donation of excess milk after the death of a child ,
may be  meaningful for some moth
In honor & memory of all parents' little angels; image
copyright kitty beach
Spectrum Family Medicine
Selected Multiple & Preemie Links
National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs on parenting multiples
Multiple Births Canada
Amy Tracy's Preemie website
A Silent Sorrow
CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Birth)
Multiple Angels Network
Murraylands Lutheran SISS (Australia)
Dr. Pector's poems
Dr. Pector's articles
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